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A suspended acoustical ceiling system, sometimes called a dropped or t-bar ceiling, is the perfect solution for hiding pipes, wiring, and duct work in a loft, garage, or any other commercial space. Although traditionally installed for sound control purposes, a suspended ceiling can also bring a ceiling down to a lower level when a ceiling is too high. This makes the room warmer since it keeps heat down where it’s needed. With the addition of insulation, you should see a decline in your utility bill. Ceiling Systems are available in a variety of options, from traditional grid and tile to a host of stylish suspension products, including clouds wood or metal ceilings. With all shapes, sizes, and colors available, these products allow you to create the interior environment of your dreams.


We are experienced in the complete installation of many ceiling systems and can help you make the right decision for your space.



  • Suspended Acoustical & Adhesively Applied Ceilings
  • Fabric-Wrapped Acoustical Ceiling & Wall Panels
  • Stretch Fabric Wall & Ceiling Systems
  • Wall and Ceiling Absorbers & Diffusers
  • Decorative Metal & Wood Ceilings


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